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Okay I have to admit that my last post turned a little bit dark. But it was supposed to because it’s a pretty good summation of what I believe is happening. But let’s get back to the subject at hand.

I did hint that the Sun is responsible for more than just our weather. No it wasn’t a hint, it was pretty blatant. As I mentioned previously, we are currently at the very beginning of a solar minimum. A solar minimum is when the activity on the sun drops. The easiest way to measure this effect is by the number of sunspots visible, of which, at the moment, there are very, very few. In fact, if we look back into history at other solar minimums, the sun is unusually inactive. And if you will recall, the less active the sun is, the more cosmic rays are allowed into the Earth’s atmosphere. As I mentioned before, the more cosmic rays entering the atmosphere, the more cloud nucleation. Therefore there are more clouds. The more clouds, the more precipitation. But cloud nucleation is not the only affect the cosmic rays have on the Earth. Cosmic rays also stimulate silica deposits inside, you guessed it, volcanoes. Now, can you think of anything in the news recently that might suggest volcanic activity is on the uptick.

I don’t know about any of you, but my eyes have been glued to any report I can find concerning Mount Kilauea in Hawaii and the eruption that’s happening as we speak. I mean sure, the USGS representatives give reports about what they think is happening and they sound really sure about themselves don’t they? But if you remember, when the eruption started almost a month ago, they admitted that they were in uncharted territory. That they had no idea what was happening or why. And here’s an interesting little tidbit of information: have you seen all the white plumes coming out of the ocean where the lava hits? It’s composed of three things; obviously, there’s Steam, but mixed in with the steam is hydrochloric acid Vapor strong enough to burn your skin after only a few minutes exposure, and the third thing that’s contained within those noxious clouds is silica, the same silica that I was talking about earlier. Now, you may ask, what is silica? Silica is glass. Imagine getting tiny pieces of glass in your eyes in your mouth, or in your lungs. Not very appealing is it? But when it’s still inside the volcano, it exists in a liquid state just like the lava. This is when it is excitable buy cosmic rays.

You may also have heard about Mount Fuego in Guatemala, the volcano that exploded Sunday, the 3rd of June and then again on Monday the 4th of June that’s killed 66 people as of my writing. And, mount Fuego is not the only active volcano in Guatemala. There are two more. In fact, around the ring of fire, there are no fewer than 18 active volcanoes erupting right now. They’re in Russia, Japan, Indonesia, South America and even North America. And that doesn’t include 2 score or more that are showing warning signs of becoming active. I believe that these volcanoes are waking up for the same reason that our weather patterns are changing. It’s all tied to the sun’s decreased output of electromagnetic energy, combined with the Earth’s weakening magnetic field.

I know this might sound a little bit weird, but I did promise you that it would in my other post. And I’m not making this up. I’m just reporting to you information that I found online. I followed two YouTubers pretty closely. The first is adapt2030. He is very diligent in his effort to keep those of us who followed him apprised all of the changes in weather around the world. Like the unusual things that you’ve been seeing here in the United States over the past couple of years. The harsher winters in the Northeast, the droughts in the Southwest, and the freak snow storms happening all over the world, including Colorado and New Mexico where, in case you were not aware of it, tens of thousands of cattle were killed in freak snow storms where the snow was so deep that the cows suffocated.  And not just in 2018, but also in 2017 as well. But not just here in the US. We’ve been seeing very strange outbreaks of hail in places that don’t normally get hail. We’ve been seeing snow in places like Morocco and Saudi Arabia and Iraq. There’s been flooding in Southeast Asia, unusually cool summers in the southern hemisphere including New Zealand, Australia and Africa. And there are changes in weather patterns that are affecting growing seasons.

The second is Suspicious0bservers, (yes, that’s a zero). He’s very good about letting us know what’s going on on the sun right now. And right now there’s very little going on on the surface of the Sun.

Do you understand now why I’m starting a garden?

I, as well as others, believe that the growing seasons will change to such an extent that we will no longer be able to produce the amount of food needed to feed those in other countries that depend on us. In fact countries which now are self-sufficient, will become dependent on us for their basic necessities. So, what do you think will happen to those who depend on the United States for their food when they can no longer get it from us?

When I read this stuff back to myself, I almost feel like I’m in a movie like Soylent Green or Fahrenheit 451. It sounds like a tale of Science Fiction that couldn’t possibly be true. But, while it was happening, how many people could have imagined the horror that was going on in Nazi Germany during the 1930s and 40s.

No, I’m not assigning such evil to anyone today. I am, however, suggesting that; if the powers-that-be, those who had this knowledge and refused to act on it, or even worse, accepted whatever fate was to come as a means to their ends, the scenario that I’ve been describing would be a very effective way of reducing the Earth’s population.

Or this could be the plot of a really good book.

There’s more to come.








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