The Earth, she is a’changin’

Yes, it was me who said that I’d be starting a new series (as if I’ve ever had any semblance of a series on here before) of blog posts this week so … viola!

Now let’s see if I can make any sense of this.

I have to admit that I’m, very uncharacteristically, anxious about the subject matter that I’ve chosen. But, I consider it of paramount importance and some friends have suggested that I make people aware. Anyway, I’m a writer, so if worse comes to worse, I can chalk it all up to being fiction. Keep in mind, the information that I’ll be providing is not a result of any scientific research that I have done personally. But also know that I never take the word of just once source. If it appears here, I’ve vetted the information with at least three separate entities … just as I recommend you do. Do not take my word for anything. Do your own research. I will provide links, but find some of your own too.

Now, I can almost hear you screaming, “what credentials do you have to be touting this garbage to us?” To which I answer …

None. Zero. Nada.

But what I do have is an inquisitive mind and the resources and wherewithal to do my diligence and look this stuff up. And, most importantly, I quote Ben Shapiro here, “I don’t need a phd by my name to know bullshit when I hear it.”

As I just stated, this information comes through me, not from me. But some of it will be highly opinionated and I do not apologize for that.

And away we go!

For decades, we have been lied to by our very government(s). They have rammed global warming, climate change, or whatever clever euphemism they choose to call it next week, down our throats and they have taken steps to change our very way of life as a result. Has it all been bad? Of course not. I’m for a clean environment as much as the next person. But has it all been necessary? Absolutely not! And I can prove it!

Have I got your attention?

“Why would they lie to us?” you ask. That’s easy. Money. The rich and powerful have gotten even more rich and powerful by implementing and unfairly enforcing legislation that costs us all through the nose at the gas pump, the grocery store and even inside our own homes. We have been entrenched within a culture of deceit for so long that generations of people have known nothing else. To that I say, when we forget history, we are bound to repeat it.

Now, how do I know about all this stuff when most people don’t? Simple. I looked.

Where do I even begin? Hmm …

First the Earth cooled …

Okay, maybe not that far back.

Sometime in 2005, I learned about the Mayan prophecy.

STOP! THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS IS ABOUT! But, it did draw my attention to our sun, Sol. How many of you knew that our sun has a name? You see, up until 2005, the few things that I knew about the sun were that it’s bright in the daytime and dark at night, it’s hotter in the summertime and cooler in the winter, and if I stay out in it for too long, my skin starts to hurt, turns red and then peels off like a snake’s. Oh, and it’s constant. It’s always up there, whether we can see it or not, doing what it’s always done.

Boy, was I wrong!

The sun is about as constant as the breeze. Sometimes  it can feel like it’s almost non-existant and sometimes it can knock you off your feet! The sun has phases, it has magnetic poles just like Earth (not all planets do ya know) and it has wind and even storms! Yup, It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the sun fascinates me. In fact, I even describe myself as an amature heliosysmologist (look it up). You can imagine my surprise when I learned these things. Or, maybe you can’t. But you will, if you do your diligence and find out for yourselves. And here’s the most important part. If you don’t think that the most powerful force in our little corner of the universe … next to God of course … affects our weather … and other stuff too … you are sadly mistaken.

I think there’s enough to whet your appetites in this post. But I do have some homework for you. Check out NOAA’s site, Suspicious0bservers (yes, that’s a zero) Youtube channel … Note: there are a lot of videos there so search the archives for some of the older ones first and compare to newer ones … and look up The Maunder Minimum and The Carrington Event.

That’ll give you a taste.

God bless!

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  1. All right, next article please! This sounds very interesting.
    Will I go look at the videos you suggested? Probably not.
    I’ll just wait for your next article.

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