Me: Check out my new blog post! You: You write a blog?

Hello again!


I know … I know … I must be one of the worlds worst bloggers (I say “one of” because I’m giving myself the benefit of the doubt). Last January … which seems like it was just three weeks ago … I made a commitment to myself to continue to write my monthly articles for … check,

get my second book in the Rob Tyler Chronicles series, Reflections of the Mirrored Man ready for publication … check,

start a new Urban Fantasy novel to submit for some agent’s consideration at the Atlanta Writers Club Conference’s Spring 2018 conference … check,

and write in my blog at least once a week …

Well …

So, now I find myself at my computer at 5:30 AM on a Saturday in November … when I should be sleeping in this morning … so, you’re welcome … both of you …  writing this and hoping that someone might actually be reading it. (Did I say you’re welcome already?)


The good news is that I’ve been very busy lately. The highlights are that, thanks to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) both Mirrored Man and Reflections are currently available as e-books and in print … and on sale (for a limited time! Look for my ad on Facebook during Thanksgiving week!) on


And, I have continued writing for IronMen …

And, I’m two chapters away from completing my Urban Fantasy novel, The Sought.

Combine that with the fact that I own a small business, and I have a twenty year old son who I love very much and enjoy spending time with, and the fact that I’m pretty active in my church, and … well … I’ve been pretty busy lately.

But, that’s not an excuse … it a rationalization.

My next puzzle to piece together is a men’s Bible study that I’m putting together for The Awakening 2018 Men’s Conference …

Then all I have left to do between now and April is polish The Sought for the conference, Start Book 3 in the Rob Tyler Chronicles series: Echoes of the Mirrored Man and … oh yeah … learn how to write a screenplay and complete one for Mirrored man Book 1!

Did I mention that all of this has to be done by April?

And, that’s another post.

Did this sound whiny at all? If it did, tough … it’s my blog.

I’ll try to do better … but I don’t want to overwhelm you … both.


One thought on “Me: Check out my new blog post! You: You write a blog?

  1. The first two books of the Rob Tyler Chronicles are great! Available on Looking forward to reading the third, as well as The Sought!

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