Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me.

Well, it’s been since … let me see here … oh yeah,  August since I blogged. And it’s January 1st today so that means it’s been … well, you can do the math. This is what disappointment looks like … at least in blog form. I simply haven’t felt like writing … anything … at all. So, you know what I’ve done for the past seven or eight months? That’s right, not write. It’s very sad, really. I love writing. I never feel better than when I’m writing. I (usually) look forward to writing. But the combination of a disappointing first writer’s conference (and who hasn’t had one of those) and not selling any more copies of Mirrored Man … and only having 8 reviews … (and I uploaded it to smashwords.com so I can literally give it away hoping beyond hope that someone will read it and review it) … and those done by people whom I know personally … you get the picture. I would love some real feedback by someone I don’t know who is unbiased.

Still waiting.

Enough whining.

Okay, a little more whining …

But I know that Mirrored Man is a great story with compelling and engaging characters set in great locations, with a well-researched and thought-out plotline … because my friends and family told me so! So … why haven’t I become a billionaire yet? Realistically, I can think of one answer. It stinks and my family and friends don’t know what they’re talking about … so … really …it’s their fault for encouraging me!

At least that’s how I’ve felt for a while.

But we must keep writing … right? (My editor is going nuts with all these ellipses … sorry T … yes, my editor proofs my blogs before I post them) … I mean, I’ve got other stories in my head and a monthly article for the Ironmen.com website and a new Bible study booklet to write for the 2018 Awakening Men’s Conference … that’s in 2018 … and my blog …

Uh-uh. It still wasn’t happening. That is until this week.

Okay, I wrote Iron Men articles up till September and I did start another novel, tentatively titled The Sought, so I have been writing. But, my New Year’s resolution for 2017 is … you guessed it … to write. And not just to write, but to write it all. The articles, the blog, the booklet and The Sought.

The only problem is … they’re New Year’s resolutions. How long can they stick?

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