The Awakening 2016

Has it really been since Easter?

How slack is that? Okay, in my own defense, I have been busy. Now, let’s see if I can remember …

… well … I was sued. But I won that … for the most part …

… oh yeah … I attended my first writers conference in Atlanta. That was eye opening, let me tell you. The biggest lesson I learned was that self-publishing on Amazon … not a big hit with the agents. Each one that I spoke with (and they all will remain nameless) told me that they couldn’t touch Mirrored Man.

Couldn’t or wouldn’t? I’m not sure. I couldn’t really get a definitive answer, but they were certainly united in their opposition.

I could not and would not ever say that self publishing on Amazon was a mistake. In fact, it could have been the single best thing that I could have done (with my writing). It’s what I needed to improve myself and it has given me some exposure, though I couldn’t characterize it as overwhelming.

One good thing that I found at the conference in Atlanta was that one of the agents I spoke with (who will remain nameless) who actually had the opportunity to read some of my work (the others only got my query letter … which by the way, they also didn’t like) told me that I have the “bones” to write thrillers and that people who like “Jason Bourne” and “Jack Reacher” would enjoy my writing.

Okay, that was a little amazing … to be told by an industry professional who’s been in the business for forty years that I actually CAN write!

So, she told me that she would look forward to seeing my next book once it’s polished and that she was keeping me in her “pending file”.

So now I’m working on a young adult novel. The working title is The Sought … but it’s slow going.

I have quite a few irons in the fire at present. I still need to get the second book in the Mirrored Man series that I’ve re-titled Reflections of the Mirrored Man tweaked, edited and out on Amazon. Maybe that will happen by the Spring.

I still want to write The Hooligan Navy, a story based loosely on my fathers experiences in the Coast Guard in WWII. That one’s gonna take a lot of research.

I may have mentioned (isn’t that sad … that I can’t remember) that I’m involved in a Christian men’s organization called IronMen Ministries. I write a column on their website
IronMen Ministries is spearheading a Christian Men’s conference on the second weekend in August, the 12th and 13th (that’s tomorrow as I write this) and that has taken up a fair share of my time this summer. I was asked to put an eight week Bible study together … as well as some other things … for a follow-up to the conference which is called The Awakening 2016 ( I’m very much looking forward to that, but at the same time, I’ll be glad when it’s over so I can turn my attention to other things like writing.

I am still single though and I don’t even have a dog … like that matters to anyone.

There’s bee a lot more happening, but I think that this is enough for now.

Honestly, I need to ask you for your prayers. Sure, I’ve been busy and that’s a good thing … but It’s been a little (okay … a lot) discouraging for me lately. After all, I’m not getting any younger (I’ll be 53 in a month), I haven’t yet “made it” as a writer and my business is just … there, It’s monotonous … unchallenging … boring … but thank God, it does pay the bills. I don’t mean to sound like a whiner, but I want more out of life. I want someone to share my successes and my failures with. I want to latch on to that proverbial “brass ring” and have my chance at a worry free existence.

Okay, I’m a realist, I know that doesn’t exist … smart-ass.

Oh … who cares if I whine. No one reads this anyway.


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