Happy Easter!

Today is the day that makes Christians Christian! But that’s not what today’s blog is about. If you’re not a Christian or you are but you’re not sure why the above statement is true, drop me a line and I’d be more than happy to explain it to you. MORE than happy.

Who has time to write a blog?

Apparently, I need to develop better time management skills because it’s been weeks since my last entry. Hopefully, it’s been missed, but realistically … I doubt it. Okay, I do have a lot going on. I run a small business, I just bought a house that I’m still settling into, I’m preparing for an upcoming writer’s conference … my first … in which I’ve submitted what I believe to be my best ever work to be picked apart by professional agents and editors who will have a profound effect on my writing future. I’ve entered a short story contest … my first … and I’ve never even written a short story before … (copy and paste the previous sentence here) … ! The query letters, the synopsiseseseses … not to mention the monthly article I write for the men’s organization I belong to. I’ve been a manager for … a lot of years now … since I was 18. I have pretty good time management skills. I’m even a pretty good multi-tasker (if you look hard enough, I’m sure that you’ll find plenty of people who will disagree with both of those claims). But I just can’t seem to get everything I need to get done efficiently enough to write a consistent blog entry.

So who has time to write a blog?

What is a blog anyway? Is it a diary that, unlike diaries that are very personal and private things that we write only for ourselves … which I don’t have by the way. We then publish our most intimate of intimates out in cyberspace for anyone and everyone to read and dissect? It is a social commentary that is supposed to have some significant … significance? Is it stories from our life? Our childhood? Of growing up, coming of age, learning about triumphs and tragedies and what it means to be an adult in today’s world? Is it anecdotes about trips to the beach or the mountains? Of family reunions and outings to historical places? I guess a blog is all of these things and more. But I still have to ask the question … who has time to write them?

I love to write. Never do I feel better than when my fingers are dancing (however clumsily) across the keyboard. And how unfair an advantage is that? We have it so easy today, we writers. No ‘puters, no printers, no hard drives, no flash drives, no … “save” button! Imagine what it was like to write on a typewriter years ago! Remember white out … and correction tape … and carbon paper? What about writing letters … by hand … with a pen? Actual letters … that, you know, you then placed in an envelope … fixed a stamp … licked that same envelope (yuck!) … wrote the address of the person you wrote the letter for … raised the flag on the mailbox (Do people under 25 even know what that flag is for?) … or drove to the post office … and then (gulp) waited for a reply that sometimes took weeks! ‘Member that song “Please mister Postman” by the Carpenters?

Don’t even get me started on carrier pigeons and smoke signals!

What a world we live in today that we have the technological toys that would probably cause Gutenberg to faint, have a stroke or tie us to a tree and light us on fire screaming at the top of his lungs that we’re witches.

Was this a blog? Reading it back, it sounds more like a rant, a complaint, a commentary on …

I guess this is a blog after all.

But who has time to write them?

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