Mirrored Man

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Today I want to tell you about where Mirrored Man came from. I wanted to tell a story about a man who, through circumstances beyond his control has the opportunity to find out what his life might have been like had he not chosen the path that he had. In this case, he became a Christian and continued to grow in his faith for years … until … well you’ll just have to read the book. But, haven’t we all asked ourselves how our lives could have been different had we chosen another direction at some pivotal moment in our past? I know I have. I’m not saying that I would have preferred the alternate reality that my mind projects for me. I’m just saying that it’s interesting to consider the changes that would have taken place. It is, perhaps the most fundamental question. What if? Oh, I don’t think that the changes would have been as … challenging … as they are for my main character, but it sure makes for some interesting reading.

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