I’m not very good at this.

Imagine if you will (where’s that line from?) a writer who doesn’t think that he’s a very good writer. Is that a common thing? It is for me, I can tell ya. I’ve wanted to be a writer all my life (not to mention Batman, an astronaut, a fighter pilot, etc.) and … I guess I am one … a writer that is. I mean, I’m writing this blog (what’s a blog anyway?) and you’re (hopefully … one day) reading it. I’ve started several novels (that I didn’t finish). I’ve completed one … Mirrored Man: In the beginning. AVAILABLE FOR AMAZON KINDLE BUT GIVE IT TWO MORE WEEKS BEFORE YOU BUY IT BECAUSE I’M REPLACING THAT FILE WITH A FULLY EDITED VERSION THIS WEEK (HOPEFULLY). I’m about to complete the second in that series, Vengeance is mine (which I’m told is better than the first). Does that make me a writer? After all, the written word is supposed to have (at least) one basic function. It’s supposed to be read. Well, if that’s all it takes … then I am a writer! My words have been read by tens of people! And I’m a professional, too! I have received  royalties in excess of $25! But, somehow, that’s not very satisfying. “Tens of people” … two digit royalties. That would be enough for some. A goal achieved. A hurdle crossed. A notch in my quiver. I suppose that some writers write for themselves … or for a select few … or even one person, which is the case here. I write for myself. I enjoy writing. The feel of the keyboard, the research I do to get as many facts correct as possible, the look on the faces of the people who’ve read my stories. Their approval, their praise, their acknowledgement of a job … no … not a job … a pleasure well done. And … dog gone it … it just makes me feel good to write. It puts me in a better mood! Which, by the way. is a blessing for the people who have to put up with me. So, yes … I am a writer. I qualify. At least by my standards.

I have a friend who advises me … well, she does a lot more than that in the way of encouragement and … oh yeah … she’s my editor … who tells me that I need to write this blog. That people enjoy reading this kind of thing. About my processes, creative and otherwise. And I promise, if I can keep it up, I will get around to that … eventually. She tells me that publishers like to see this kind of thing (and we do so want to impress the publishers, don’t we). Okay … well that seems reasonable. So, here’s my commitment: I will do my diligence and write at least one post a week. Probably on Sunday mornings. All you have to do is keep reading it.

That’s fair, isn’t it?

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