Hello world!


In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m the guy on the left in the picture and yes, I’m in Moscow! I’d love to tell you that story. Maybe later.

I gotta warn ya, I’ve never blogged before so you’ll have to bear with me.

I started writing Mirrored Man five an a half years ago. It took four months to finish the first draft and I tried editing it myself for … well … till about July of this year. That’s when I found Terri. She’s my editor … which is something that I desperately needed as you probably already know from the draft that’s available on Amazon today. But you have to be patient. Soon, the new and improved In the beginning … will be available, hopefully before Christmas. As it stands, I’m a little over half way into Book 2, Vengeance is mine … and I should be finished with it by Christmas as well, then I’ll give it to Terri and she’ll make it presentable.

Now for the catch. So far, sales of Book 1 haven’t been where I wanted them to be, and that’s understandable since i’m completely unknown and any serious interest will only come when it’s cleaned up (grammatically speaking). So I need your help. I need you to spread the word and generate some interest because book 2 won’t be on Amazon or anywhere else unless people are reading my first story. So get to work!

Here’s the link and I’m also putting it on facebook …but wait until the edited version is out there …please!


P.S. I’m told book 2 is better than 1!



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